The Dynaseal Difference

Revolutionary nanotechnology = powerful, protective barrier

Designed for a wide range of interior and exterior substrates. Protects all kinds of wood, concrete and masonry surfaces.

Durable long-lasting formulas save time and money

Exceptionally durable and long-lasting formulas protect your investments from wear, water, weather, UV, chemicals, and more.

Non-toxic 'green' formulas give customers peace of mind

Safe for humans, animals, and plants. Water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable formulas are zero or ultra-low VOC.

Quick to apply, fast to dry, easy to clean up, safe to store

No need to wait for warm weather to apply. If the temperature is above freezing, you’re good to go (40º F/5º C). Cleans up easily with soapy water

The Dynaseal Product Line

Dynaseal DS 100 Raw Concentrate

Heat, cold, light, and moisture have met their match with eco-friendly Dynaseal, a highly effective, multipurpose sealant to waterproof and protect all types of wood, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Available in clear or 16 tints.

Dynaseal Graffiti Guard Coating

Dynaseal Clean-Side Graffiti Guard

Powerful, cost-saving protective barrier against graffiti. Its durable, graffiti-resistant coating forms a clear, flexible matrix that safeguards your storefront or building from spray paints, permanent markers, and felt-tip and ballpoint pens.

Dynaseal Poly-Rock Gloss Top Coating

Dynaseal Poly-Rock Gloss

High-gloss, high-impact-resistant polyurethane forms an abrasion- and mark-resistant topcoat to prevent wear and tear on high-traffic areas and keep surfaces looking like new. Excellent adhesion to both cementitious materials and wood. For exterior and interior use.

Dynaseal End Grain Sealer for all Wood Types

Dynaseal End Grain Sealer

Durable non-wax formula protects in one coat. Defends wood ends from moisture and microbial attack. For all types of soft and hard wood, new construction, repairs, green logs.

Dynaseal DS400 Marine Wood, Concrete Waterproofer

Dynaseal Marine Total Wood, Concrete & Masonry

Ready-to-apply multi-surface formula protects from water damage. Safe for use over water, non-hazardous to aquatic life.

Dynaseal Wood Sealer with Termite Protection

Dynaseal Termite Sealer

Under development, contact us to be notified when this product is available.